THIS JUICER WAS WELL LOVED AND UTILIZED. IT IS IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. We strive to use recycled materials when possible to keep cost low and to be environmentally conscious.

Norwalk 2cold pressing juicer , WORKS WELL! Failure to supply the model and serial number may cause your order to be delayed or cancelled. The model and serial number shows ownership, supplies warranty information and .

FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Extracts more juice with more fresh enzymes and nutrients. Fast and easy to use and clean. Better tasting juice with no oxidation.

Factory direct price with year warrantee. Richard does things the old fashioned way and works with each patient on a personal one-on-one basis. He is very knowledgeable, . Maybe because of its steep price point.

Whatever the reason may be, I will be finding out soon enough.

Chute Size, (approximately) inches round. It squeezes the juice out of the produce. Juice Shelf Life, Hours. It comes with a 12-year warranty on material or workmanship detects.

Norman Walker introduced drinking living juice to the world and learn about the origins of juicing in this page. Its price , around $5retail, can be a barrier for some people. An amazing juicer for a great price. I have used other juicers, but I chose not to mention them in this post, because I think the juicers above are the “best” in their respective prices ranges.

They have a much more commercial feel to them with their design. Shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental US is included in the price. As Seen In “Can a green smoothie transform your life?

After watching minutes of Powered by Green Smoothies I . Buy Now: Click to Contact Seagull Distribution Home Appliances. Constructed of solid stainless steel and built to last a lifetime. Well, I have to say you gotta watch this video. Our Hydraulic juice presser is used to fully extract pulp free juice from freshly ground up fruits and vegetables.

Utilizing this method will extract more volume, more enzymes, minerals, and nutrients. I see that continously.