Each localization file adds its options to the set of available localizations and automatically applies them as defaults for all instances. Altri risultati in stackoverflow. Datepicker Widget Utility functions: $. Here we are using extend property to set regional language as per the browser setting (Step 2). Hi there, I am trying to use the datepicker on my site.

Data: Clicca sul campo di testo per attivare il widget. Nota che la data verrà inserita nella formattazione italiana. Polish initialisation for the jQuery UI date picker plugin. Нужно чтоб сразу был русским.

In Finland we use dots instead of slashes (DD.MM.YYYY). Is this possible with a filter? The above code is for French. For more information on localizing the datepicker this is a good . The default is mm-dd-yy and I require dd-mm-yy. I have downloaded a script file that conains all regional settings and r. Для перевода datepicker вы должны указать некоторые переменные: $. I have a site in languages and a webform with a popup date picker.

It appears always in my default . DatePicker inside igGrid together with the loader. This file contains the datePatterns and . But a simpler solution by way of just using the default call in. It would be nice to just have the i18n script available in WordPress. Обратите внимание на использование в листинге 6. Работу скрипта можно описать как установить по умолчанию для календаря язык региона русский. Применить к календарю набор параметров, описанных для . I want to translate datepicker element.

These can be sourced from here: . Como podemos utilizar el datepicker en otros idiomas? Primero tenemos que definir los parámetros regionales del idioma. I seem to have a problem with Alpha. Since my client is from thailand i need to change the time region in my application especially using date picker in thailand time region.

I`ve been trying jquery but . Here is a quick method to localize with ease the jQuery UI datepicker fields on your site. When you click on the jquery. This example can be used for a jquery dutch datepicker on your website.

This is an example how you can add your events: $. You can restore the default localizations with: $. And can then override an individual datepicker for a specific locale: $(selector).