A zester is a kitchen utensil for obtaining zest from lemons and other citrus fruit. A kitchen zester is approximately four inches long, with a handle and a curved metal en the top of which is perforated with a row of round holes with sharpened rims. To operate, the zester is pressed with moderate force against the fruit and . A versatile must-have tool for the kitchen.

This tool is normally used to grate citrus for perfect lemon, lime, and orange zests or to create pillowy mounds of Parmesan cheese. However, it is also a great tool for grating spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and even chilies into fresh ground .

What is a lemon zester and how to use this versatile tool. Explore new recipes, get cooking ideas, and discover the chef in you today! A new design promotes easy zesting and grating, even in deep mixing bowls. Produces ten times more volume than . Citrus fruits can make a world of difference in some dishes. The acid brightens up and balances out the flavors.

A special kitchen tool that is used to shave bits or strands from the outer most layer of covering on citrus fruits such as lemons, limes or oranges. Sharp holes at the top are perfect for lemon zests, and a channel knife makes it easy to create garnish!

Use this tool to cut tiny pith-free strips of citrus peel, releasing oil for flavoring salad dressings and pastries. Zester cooking information, facts and recipes. Durable stainless-steel grater. Comfortable to hold and easy to use. State-of-the-art microblade technology makes this handheld citrus zester a precision tool for turning citrus peels into fragrant, flavorful zest—with no bitter pith.

This Kitchen Utensils how-to video to learn the many uses of zesters. Most people know what a zester is, but a microplane might be new to you. They shave much more finely and consistently than what can be produced by most traditional box . The kitchen essential the savviest of chefs–including our own–rely upon, this multi-tasking tool will shave serious time off your cooking. It was originally adapted from a woodworking device into a makeshift zester by a clever cook who borrowed it from her husband. A small side blade lets you quickly score tough citrus rinds for easy peeling.

The attached multi-channel and single- channel tips make perfect decorative peels. A full zester is stored in the handle for a compact . So, if you think you need a zester to make lemon zest, think again. With a Vegetable Peeler and sharp knife you can easily create lemon zest.

Slice very thin pieces of peel from the lemon using a Vegetable Peeler or Paring Knife. Be careful only to remove a thin strip of peel, avoiding the .