Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder. Get the Best Clash of Clans THBases, including Clash of Clans Builder: Best Town Hall Layouts – Heavy, CoC Ciyus Channel, Clash of Clans Builder and other top solutions. This base layout provides for invading a pathway.

You may wish to put two Mortars on this base instead of one. Those Archer and Cannons Towers do a terrific job of .

Check out this brand new batch of Clash of Clans Town Hall base designs! Base building concepts and clan castle troops… How to War for TH-TH(Defense). By: Clash of Clans Base Builds.

The purpose of this series of defense bases is to see how far I can go with this village without ever raiding another village. More Clash of Clans. Выберите лучшая расстановка базы для ТХи станьте непобедимым в Clash of Clans.

I do speed builds of all town halls for success in Clash of Clans ! COC Best Builder Hall ( BH4) Base for Versus Battle.

This is one of the best thclan war bases to use. At thyou stand little to no change against bigger players but this layout can withstand attacks from thor lower level players. The town hall is placed in the center to protect it as long as possible. The mortar, archer tower an cannons are . My Journey So, after almost a year playing, i decided to make something before TH9.

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All posts must be related to be Clash of Clans. Unrelate uncivil, and low-quality content will be removed. Make sure your posts are properly tagged. No clan recruiting or asking for clans to join of any kin except . Today we have more beginner tips as we upgrade to THin Clash of Clans. The Barch Attack Strategy using Barbarians and Archers is used to farm Gold and Elixir.

Base design at Town Hall is very briefly . A video guide detailing the best defensive layout at Town Hall in Clash of Clans.

My strategy says to take out that Air Defence using archers and drop a Couple of ballons from your Clan Castle to take every single defence on the base. Clash of Clans Town Hall Base Defense Layout ♢ CoC THBase Design Setup Strategy Speed Build ♢ THClan War Base – Hybrid Base – Trophy Base – Farming Base Layout. Also you can use your own balloons and giants to Star the base. These specially designed bases for you can defend against bombers, Boxer Giants.

New Anti Star BEST COC Builder Hall (BH4) Base.