Van Gogh leverages a perspective frame that he built and used in The . Being one of eleven drawbridges built by a Dutch engineer along the channel from Arles to Port-de-Bouc, this bridge might have reminded the artist of his homeland. On the outskirts of town, the Pont de Réginelle (or Réginal), popularly known as Pont de Langlois , spanned the Arles–Bouc canal. The spot attracted Vincent, with its combination of southern light, a Dutch-looking landscape and the oddly shaped bridge , which he thought looked Japanese, and he felt compelled to paint it.

The bridge at Langlois (Le pont de Langlois in French) was made famous by Van Gogh who painted it at least times.

During his stay in Arles, Vincent did a study on the Langlois bridge. Unfortunately , it is no longer in its original spot, as it was replaced by another bridge and then later replicated. In homage to Van Gogh, the replication was renamed Pont van Gogh. He wants to return to the countryside. Learn more about this painting.

He painted it several times. In this work, he employs the cons. This work, Langlois Bridge at Arles, is similar to another painting, but with more yellow in the bridge.

I learnt to associate the scene and its color with Holland. It was one of the first pictures Van Gogh painted after arriving in the south of France. A few miles outside Arles, the bridge itself is long gone, . His initial enthusiasm for the city had worn quickly and his relationship with his brother Theo, exasperated by their shared living arrangements, was under considerable strain. Created almost a month after his first rendition of the scene, Vincent paints the Langlois bridge again, this time for his brother. Vincent van Gogh: A 1 complete online catalogue of his works.

It is worth tens of millions of dollars today and currently in a private . I have two new studies, a bridge and the verge of a wide road. Many of the subjects here are just — in character — the same as in Holland — the difference is in the colour. The Langlois Bridge at Arles (van Gogh) Posters at AllPosters. Value Framing, Fast Delivery, 1 Satisfaction Guarantee.

English: Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing. Français : Pont de Langlois. Nederlands: Brug de Arles. Accession number, KM 111. Current location, Kröller-Müller-Museum.

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