The new general catalogue normally represent all products which a company manufacture, for italweber Elettra this is not enough, represent the evolution of our activity which is oriented to offer one of the most complete products range about transformer energy machine . Our transformers belong to the non-short-circuitproof type and so they must be protected using external fuses. In our labels it is always indicated a rated current of the suggested fuse. Anyway the protection can be obtained also using Miniature Circuit Breakers.

The protection of the input winding of the transformer must be . Elettromeccaniche, storica azienda leader del mercato.

Italiano, ha visto la nascita di una delle più importanti realtà produttive di trasformatori di bassa tensione presenti sul territorio nazionale. This new catalog is the evolution of the. The situation regarding the regulations concerning the transformers approved is not well define often demands lead to the provision of non-compliant products that do not pass inspections.

The project, which consists in the realization of machines with different powers from . Italweber Elettra is able to offer a range of approved products among the most comprehensive in . I contatti sono realizzati in rame argentato. M type are normally used to protect motors, transformers and all those equipments who present . AC-Comando di carichi elettromagnetici in corrente alternata (72VA). Control of alternate current electromagnetic loads (72VA).

AC-Manovra di carichi resistivi con . NH fuses type aM are used for protection of motors, transformers and all equipments that have a current peak at startup. NH-standard series have a nominal voltage of. Medium Voltage fuses for protection of voltage transformers.


For SpECiAl AppliCAtioNS fusibili speciali special fuses . Single phase safety and isolating transformers IPprotection degree. Low voltage transformers. TIme-Delay 5xT glaSS FuSeS.

The premier USA Distributor for Italweber Tansformers. TRANSFORMER TRASFORMATORE TRANSFORMER TRANSFORMADOR TRANSFORMATEUR TRANSFORMADOR 变压器変圧器ТРАНСФОРМАТОР. Shop for Potential Transformer Fuses, italweber 25A fuse from Platt Electric Supply.

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