Posseggo una husqvarna 4rancher , che purtroppo ho grippato, volendola riparere per mie questioni sentimentali, mi sono rivolto a dei meccanici del settore ch. Seems like there are quite a few people on here that are in the know about chainsaws. Anyone have and little tips or secrets about this saw I should know about? Hi all connoisseurs of chainsaws.

Saw need to work on the house, saw cut the old branches and trees. I would be grateful for any .

While there is a lot to like about the saw, there are two issues that really take a lot of. Specs seem to be nearly identical. I know a lot of folks will want to recommend an entirely different saw,. I put new oem bearings in it and it has been vac and pressure.

I am thinking of buying one strictly for cutting firewood (not felling trees). Even though it is not a pro saw, I am hoping it has the power and be able to work hard when I use it. I will be cutting a lot of woo but not everyday (I just had my property logged).

A few weeks ago it finally gave up.

Plus when I put on a new chain, it takes up at least half of the area allowed for future tightening and adjusting. My question is which of these two saws would be best for my task with a bar? Vzhledem k tomu že se jedná o poměrně nový výrobek na našem trhu. Does anyone know where I can find one? My neighbor has one barely used with a bar that he may part with for around $250.

Meine hat schon einiges hinter sich, ohne besondere Pflege und läuft zuverlässig. Wenn ich die Stihls der Gelegenheissäger dagegen sehe, Monate im Keller und springt schon nicht mehr an. Waidmannsheil Patrick Gerecht . It combines the best characteristics of its predecessor with new, facilitating technology and ergonomics. He claimed it was easy enough to start without the choke, so he never worried about it.

CHAIN SAW what one should i get STIHL ms2farm boss or the HUSQVARNA 4rancher ? It ran great yesterday but wouldn’t start later in the day and still won’t this morning. Rancher , Gas – I have owned several chainsaws. I know nothing about chainsaws and want to learn.

Which would you choose and why? I need some advice from the experts. I am a newbe and still messing up saws and logs.

One day I may even learn how to post a picture of something on the forum. Gas it up and oiled it – checked the tension and started it up. Original chain and still sharp.

Manual, blade sheath, and chain adjustment tool. But can drop about 4bucks on a landowner saw. I was looking at the 4rancher (although reviews say it is too heavy) or the 450.

I came across this deal where they are asking $414.