Get a second year visa extension. Find a regional backpacker job and do your days seasonal work in regional Australia to gain a 2nd year visa working holiday visa. Changes to the second year.

However, more often than not, the easiest work to find will be as fruit picking, farm work or horticultural work. Less rent etc details below. I require a full time live in nanny to live on my farm just outside of Wagga Wagga.

The nanny will be required to assist with a month old baby. Some household tasks will also be required. Tips and advice for backpackers on how to find farm work in Australia to get the days for 2nd year working holiday visa. to some of the frequently asked questions about 2nd year visa work (days) in Australia : how to calculate the days, how much should I get paid. However, in my experience, the amount of visa days you get from a week is dependent on the farm so always ask your employer how many days they . Farm work in Australia towards my second year visa.

How to get your second year visa for in Australia – Jobs, Specified Work , Postcodes and Volunteering. THIS FARM WORK QUALIFIES FOR YOUR 2ND YEAR WORKING HOLIDAY VISA EXTENSION. Do you have experience with outdoor work or other farming work in Australia ?

Does anyone who is over here (or done similar) have any contacts for anything useful or any general advice? There seems loads of stuff about on gumtree and . Loads of fruit picking jobs, farming jobs and harvest jobs in Australia for Backpackers and travellers. Information on what work is. Fruit picking, Farming Jobs, Harvest jobs.

Yes, if you complete months work within a regional area in Australia you may be eligible to apply for a second year holiday visa. Travellers At Work offers thousands of working holiday jobs, farm jobs, backpacking jobs, gap year jobs and plenty of other type of jobs in Australia for travelers. Our company provides contract inventory services to plantation managers throughout Australia. Au pair with opportunity for 2nd year visa work.

So, in response, today we are giving you some common sense advice on getting your 2nd year working holiday visa and how to find farm work. Grape Pickers needed in Margaret River, WA. If you follow our tips and . Employer seeking workers for the upcoming season for grape picking roles.

Any previous farm work experience or employment outdoors is beneficial, but not essential. The big question beckons, how do you stay in oz for another year ? Casual Backpacker jobs in Australia from fruit picking to working in an office. To renew your WHV you must work days in a specified work role in a regional area of Australia.

In this article, we provide you with a list of the jobs eligibles for a second year visa to enjoy another year Down Under.

Here is the list of eligible.