The Thelps remove secretions from the lungs which in the ability to cough. DISCOUNT Respiratory Therapy at Vitality Medical. Cough assist training video. Fast Shipping and Low Prices.

When you breathe in (inspiration), the machine gives you air (positive pressure) to help expand your lungs. When you blow out ( expiration), the machine creates a sucking force.

The resulting high expiratory flow simulates a deep, natural cough. Professionals: Contact us . The cough assist machine provides a safe, non-invasive alternative to suctioning, to remove secretions from the lungs. Removal of secretions is important as it significantly decreases the risk of developing a chest infection.

Once practice the patient can use the device within their own home, and progress as able. Designed to be easy to use for trained caregivers and patients at home, hospital, nursing care or rehabilitation settings. Here is a general article on how to use cough assist machines.

It is not intended to take the place of training provided by your health care provider.

It gradually delivers a large volume of air to your lungs when you breathe in (positive pressure). Once the lungs have been expanded (similar to a normal deep breath), the device quickly . The importance of both the expiratory . FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The ability to cough is essential to life.

It redefines non-invasive secretion clearance for use in hospital and at home to improve patient lives and give clinicians new tools to enhance therapy efficiency. The machine delivers a supported breath to make sure your breath in is deep enough. After this, the machine helps you breathe out quickly and you would feel a gentle. There are many different reasons why. Neue Wege für die nichtinvasive Entfernung von Sekreten für eine verbesserte Lebensqualität der Patienten.

Patients for a wide variety of reasons and conditions are unable to cough or clear airway secretions effectively due to reduced peak cough . What is an “ assist cough ? An “ assist cough ” is a way to help a person who cannot cough well clear the airway of mucous. After some spinal cord injuries the ability to cough is weak or absent. This can be a problem because the person will not be able to clear mucous out of the throat or lungs. Problems with poor coughing.

Er sorgt dafür, dass Kinder und Erwachsene ihr Lungensekret abhusten können. Das Gerät ist wahlweise manuell, per Fusspedal oder automatischen Betrieb einstellbar.

Lightweight, portable and yet robust. Handle for easy transportation, transport bag, and optional detachable battery. Flexibility in delivery of therapy.

Summary Effective cough is a protective mechanism against respiratory tract infections. Neuromuscular disease patients may have impaired cough and a reduction in .