It is widespread across most of the United States and Canada, as well as northwestern Mexico. Perenni a portamento espanso, spesso con foglie grigie feltrose. Asian populations are found in China . Si coltivano facilmente in tutti i terreni privi di ristagni.

Stem rigidly erect, unbranche light grey, downy.

An upright, clump-forming plant that features attractive, narrow, woolly, silver-gray foliage and tiny, white, globular flowers with yellow center stamens arranged . Small, with golden-yellow disks and pearly white, papery, . Pearly everlasting is native to North America and Asia, but as a widely-cultivated ornamental it has greatly increased its range. It is often used in dried flower arrangements. Rhizome repent, woody, with short brown squamate runners.

Show All Show Tabs western pearly everlasting. A native wildflower over much of North America, valuable in the garden for its late summer display of white flowers. Native Status: AK N CAN N LN SPM N.

Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. Plants form a bushy mound of silvery-grey leaves, bearing upright, branching heads of papery butt. Yedoan pearly everlasting from the RHS. Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version ). One of the key characteristics of members of the sunflower family (Asteraceae or Compositae) is the presence of an involucre of modified leaves or bracts that surrounds the petal -like ray and tubular disk flowers within a flower head. Although there is great . Known by the common name of Western pearly everlasting, this slender . Characteristics of this Family (Asteraceae or Sunflower Family): In the Bay Area, the Asteraceae family has more species than any other family of flowering plants.

Flowering Period: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep June July August September. Flower color: white Flower color: yellow. At a Glance: Clump forming, perennial herb with small withering basal leaves and papery white flower clusters. Locally very common northwar often in somewhat disturbed areas. Anapahlis margaritacea , commonly known as the western pearly everlasting, is a flowering perennial plant in the Asteraceae family.

Since it is the only North American species it is often simply called pearly everlasting in the United States and Canada. However, it is also native to Asia and has been widely introduced in. Clustered at the top of erect stems, the tiny yellow flowers of Pearly Everlasting are enclosed by white papery bracts, often mistaken for petals.

It is a host plant for the American Painted Lady butterfly.

Meadows, openings, woodlands. Left: Colorado Trail above Roaring Fork,. Common name, Pearly everlasting. Synonym, Gnaphalium margaritaceum.

Not only is it easy to grow, this tough little plant can handle some pretty harsh soil conditions. In the wil I often find it growing along gravelly roadsides where it puts on quite .